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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __call__
def __getitem__
def __setitem__
def __delitem__
def __repr__
def __lt__
def __le__
def __eq__
def __ne__
def __gt__
def __ge__
def __cmp__
def __contains__
def __len__
def __iter__
def count
def index
def reverse
def sort
def __mul__
def __add__
def __radd__
def append
def insert
def pop
def remove
def extend
def __iadd__
def __imul__
 following methods not implemented for items ##

Detailed Description

Custom object for accessing the items of an OrderedDict.

Can be called like the normal ``OrderedDict.items`` method, but also
supports indexing and sequence methods.

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Member Function Documentation

def PyPedal::odict::_items::__call__ (   self  ) 

Pretend to be the items method.

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def PyPedal::odict::_items::__getitem__ (   self,

Fetch the item at position i.

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def PyPedal::odict::_items::__setitem__ (   self,

Set item at position i to item.

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def PyPedal::odict::_items::__delitem__ (   self,

Delete the item at position i.

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def PyPedal::odict::_items::append (   self,

Add an item to the end.

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