9.1 PyPedal Graphics

PyPedal is capable of producing graphics from information contained in a pedigree, including pedigree drawings, line graphs of changes in genetic diversity over time, and visualizations of numerator relationship matrices. These graphics are non-interactive: output images are created and written to output files. A separate program must be used to view and/or print the image; web browsers make reasonably good viewers for a small number of images. If you are creating and viewing large numbers of images you may want to obtain an image management package for your platform. Default and supported file formats for each of the graphics routines are presented in Table 9.1.
Default graphics formats. Routine & Default Format & Supported Formats

draw\_pedigree & JPG & JPG, PNG, PS \\
...il & PNG & PNG only \\
spy\_matrix\_pylab & PNG & PNG only \\

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