3.6 Renumbering a Pedigree

Whenever you load a pedigree into PyPedal a list of offspring is attached to the record for each animal in the pedigree file. If you renumber the pedigree at the time it is loaded, there is no problem. However, if you do not renumber a pedigree at load time and choose to renumber it later in your session you must be careful. The API documentation may lead you to believe that
    example.pedigree = pyp_utils.renumber()
is the correct way to renumber the pedigree, but that is not correct. The pedigree should always be numbered as:
    example.kw['renumber'] = 1
If you are seeing strange results when trying to cross-reference offspring to their parents check to make sure that you have not incorrectly renumbered your pedigree.

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