4.2 Input

The process of data input hsa been made as simple as is reasonably possible, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to prepare their data. Most people will load their data from a simple text file, with one pedigree entry per line. A number of pedigree integrity checks are performed when the data are loaded. First, the pedigree format string (Section 3.5.1) is checked for validity and compared to a line of data to make sure that the specfied number of colums of data exist. Once that check is passed individual records are loaded and checked one at a time. As individual records are vvalidated they are added to the pedigree. Duplicate records are eliminated, parents that appear in the pedigree but do not have their own record in the inpur data are added to the pedigree, and sexes are checked (animals cannot appear as both sires and dams). If animal IDs are strings they are hashed to get numeric IDs for use in pedigree reordering and renumbering.

If you used an earlier version of PyPedal you may have added a pedigree format string to your pedigree file. You do not need to include that string in the current version of PyPedal, and if preprocess() sees one while reading a pedigree file it will ignore it. You may include comment lines in your file as well; they will also be ignored.

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