4.4 Databases

PyPedal is able to load pedigrees from, and save them to, three databases: http://www.mysql.com/MySQL, http://www.postgresql.org/Postgres, and http://sqlite.org/SQLite. PyPedal uses the http://phplens.com/lens/adodb/adodb-py-docs.htmADOdb for Python database abstraction tool, which is distributed with PyPedal to talk to these databases. Additional databases are supported by ADOdb and require only minor changes to the connection strings in the connectToDatabase function in the pyp_db module in order to work with PyPedal as well.

A list of the database-related keywords may be found in Table 4.2.

Database parameters. Parameter & Default & Description

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...s' & The name of a user with access rights to your database. \\

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