6.4 The NewAMatrix Class

The NewAMatrix class provides an instance of a numerator relationship matrix as a NumPy array of floats with some convenience methods. The idea here is to provide a wrapper around a NRM so that it is easier to work with. For large pedigrees it can take a long time to compute the elements of A, so there is real value in providing an easy way to save and retrieve a NRM once it has been formed.
Attributes of NewAMatrix objects. Attribute & Default & Description

\begin{xtabular}{l\vert l\vert p{4in}}
kw & \texttt{kw} & Keyword dictionary. \...
...after the \function{form\_a\_matrix} method has been called. \\
The methods of NewAMatrix objects are listed in Table 6.12.
Methods of NewAMatrix objects. Method & Description

\begin{xtabular}{l\vert p{4in}}
\_\_init\_\_ & Initializes and returns a \class...
...or binary file. \\
printme & Prints the NRM to the screen. \\
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